What is the full form of ISI?

    What is the full form of ISI?

The abbreviation stands for three separate organisations in India and Pakistan. We will discuss today what is the full form of ISI? What ISI stands for and brief notes on those organisations.

We often found the mark ISI inscribed on a product and a question comes to our mind, what does it mean? What is the full form of ISI? Why does it appear there? And many others.

Here in this article, we will try to give you some answers which you ask.


  What is the full form of ISI?

ISI stands as abb. of three organisations. Two of them are Indian organisations and one of Pakistan.

1) ISI is the abbreviation of Indian standards Institute.

I= Indian

S = Standards

I = Institute


2) ISI stands for Indian Statistical Institute

I = Indian

S = Statistical

I = Institute

3) ISI of Pakistan is the abbreviation of Inter-Service Intelligence.

I = Inter

S = Service

I = Intelligence

Now, we will discuss in brief all of them.

1) The name Indian Standards Institute is an Indian organisation that controls the quality of commodities produced in India.

In India, several industries are producing different types of commodities. But there was no such organisation to look after or check the quality of the product.

The organisation ISI was established on 6 January 1947 and the first Director was Dr Lal C Verman. He took the charge in June 1947.

The organisation made some rules for the maintenance of the quality of commodities as per Indian standards. It helped the people of India to purchase any goods with ISI mark in its standard quality.

The organisation is an authority to certify the quality of the products. Its objective is to check the fake commodities in the market and give a smooth industrial growth in India.

In the mid-eighties, the country needs a change to set up a more strong organisation to control the quality of different products.

A stonger organisation Bureau of Indian Standerds (BIS)

On and from 1st January 1987 the ISI was renamed as BIS and taken over the power of offering licence no. of ISI mark in their control by legislation. The ISI was not closed. The rules of marking ISI became more strict and required a hard test to get the certificate. The tests are made not only in the factory inspection but in the market and in the laboratory also.

In this context, it may be said that a company if feels that its product will satisfy the standards of BIS, it is totally voluntary and may apply for ISI mark certification. This mark signifies the quality of the product is as per Indian standards and not a fake one.

The system of application for ISI marks has two ways. They can apply to BIS to verify their product. BIS then send an officer or a team to verify the product standard in the company factory and they also verify the capacity of the company of producing such commodity as per BIS standards or not.

Apart from this, they also check the standards of the samples of the commodity inside the factory and outside in the market.

Next, the BIS check the samples in their laboratory.

BIS examines the test reports from different angles and thereafter the manufacturer is allowed the licence to use the ISI mark on their particular product.


There are about  90 types of products of different categories that are mandatory and the others are advisory for using ISI marks. The use of the ISI marks became effective in 1956. A 7(seven) digit ISI licence no. is given and the IS no. on the top of the ISI mark signifies, the ‘Indian Standards is maintained by the particular product.

Some of them are, packaged food and drinking water, electronic goods, kitchen appliances, wiring cables, LPG valves and cylinders, electric switches, component parts and machines of automobile products, electric motors and others.

After independence, our Govt. taught about the standards of Indian products.

Falsification of ISI mark if determined is a punishable offence by the rule of the land.

2) The ISI denotes the Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata.

What is the full form of ISI

The ISI is an educational institute.

I = Indian

S = Statistical

I = Institute.

Now, in brief, we will discuss ISI which stands for Indian Statistical Institute.

ISI is an educational university situated in Kolkata, West Bengal.

Who is the founder?

On 17 December 1931 Dr Prashanta Chandra Mahalanabish founded the institute at Barnagar of North Calcutta (now Kolkata).

After independence, the institute was crowned as the most reputed educational institution in 1959. ISI spread its activities in teaching statistics, researches on statistics, application of statistics in social and natural sciences. Also, it started to offer courses in computer science.

The courses offered

1) Bachelor of Statistics (Honours), 2) Bachelor of Mathematics (Honours), 3)Master of Statistics, 4) Master of Mathematics, 5) Master of Technology in Computer, 6) Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

The branches of the institute offer courses in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Tezpur also.

3) The ISI stands for Inter-Service Intelligence, Pakistan.

After independence as a separate country, Pakistan constituted 2 (two) forms of intelligence agencies in the field of civil IB (Intelligence Bureau) and MI ( Military Intelligence).

But both the agencies could not perform up to the mark. So the ISI (Inter-Service Intelligence) was founded in 1948 for collection and share the pieces of information to all three wings of the Army, Navy and Air force. The ISI is officially empowered in 1950. It maintains as safeguards of security of Pakistan inside and outside the country.

The organisation is headquartered in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. The current Director-General who been treated as chief of the service Mr Naveed Muktar since October 2017.

The organisation was ranked by IBT(International Business Times) as the top intelligence agency in the world.

The ISI is the most powerful and politicised agency in the country and helps to provide intelligence assessment to different wings.

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what is the full form of ISI



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