What is the full form of ICC?


Today we discuss what is the full form of ICC and its history and formation. What Is the full form of ICC is not only about sport but also important in various sectors. So please read the complete article to know what is the full form of ICC.

What is the full form of ICC?

The full form and the history behind the formation of ICC.

Now, there are two visible parts of cricket, one is national cricket and the other is international cricket.

The national cricket matches are organised by nation-based cricket organisations and the international cricket matches by ICC. Here, we will discuss the full form of ICC and its structural and organisational aspects.

What is the full form of ICC and history of formation

What is the full form of ICC?

It is abbreviated from International Cricket Council.
I: International
C: Cricket
C: Council

History of the formation of ICC-

Cricket as a game
Cricket is a bat and ball game between the two teams with eleven players per side. It is now played in different formats. Those are Test Match, ODI, Twenty20. Men, Women and Under19 (Men and women) are such categories of players. On the centre of the ground, a 22-yard pitch with wickets on both sides with two bails on the top. The match umpires and other officials conduct the match.

The history of the formation of the Imperial Cricket Conference
(period from 1909 – 1965)

On 30th November 1907 Mr Abey Bailey, the President of South African cricket Association wrote a note to the secretary of Marylebone Cricket Club England Mr F. E. Lacey suggesting an ‘Imperial Cricket Board’ which will prepare the rules and regulations to govern the international cricket matches among three countries, Australia, England and South Africa.
On 15th June 1909, three representatives of those three countries held a meeting in Lord’s, U.K. They took the decision to form an organisation with the name Imperial Cricket Conference. The future of world cricket and the dream of Bailey became fruitful. The three countries met again after one month, where the primary rules of cricket got approval. They also decided to organise a tri-Test series among those three countries.
In 1926, more than three countries like India, West Indies and New Zeeland have been elected as full members of the ICC. The no. of members became six Test-playing countries.
In 1947 Pakistan became a separate country. In 1952 Pakistan, another country got the approval of Test-playing status by ICC.
In May 1961, South Africa left the Commonwealth and lost the Test-playing status and the membership of the Imperial Cricket Conference.

International Cricket Conference
(Period from 1964 – 1988)
In 1964, the Imperial Cricket Conference decided to change its rules and include the non-Test playing countries as the members of ICC. In this system, they changed their original name and became International Cricket Conference.
They adopted a new rule under which the other countries are accepted as Associate Members and allowed Cyclone, the US and Fiji as such members.
Next, they included East Africa, Denmark, Bermuda and Netherlands as associate members in 1968.
The process of adding new member countries continued.
In 1977 Bangladesh got the associate membership of ICC.
In 1981, Sri Lanka got the approval as a full member and their first match in 1982.

World Cup Cricket
1n 1971, ICC took the decision to organise a World Cup Tournament. During the year 1973, in a meeting ICC decided to organise it in 1975 among the Test-playing countries in England. They decided that along with six Test-playing countries, East Africa and Sri Lanka will be added. The tournament will be of 60-overs per side on and one-day basis. The first winning country was West Indies, defeating Australia.
In 1987, ICC reduced the no. of overs to 50 per side in ODI Tournament.

International Cricket Council
( From 1989 to present)

In a meeting in July 1989, ICC restructured its constitution and renamed it as present International Cricket Council (ICC).
There was a custom that the president of Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), UK, would automatically hold the post of Chairman of ICC.
In July 1991 South Africa got back their full membership of ICC after the end of apartheid. ICC withheld the rule which was applied to them in May 1961.
In 2017, Afghanistan and Ireland were admitted as 11th and 12th full Test-playing member countries.
In 2018, the Women’s T-20 matches got the status of International T-20 tournaments.

A brief history of present ICC

The organisation was established during the year 1909 as Imperial Cricket Conference and constituted with some countries such as Australia, England and South Africa.

It continued up to the year 1965. The said organisation was renamed as International Cricket Conference up till 1989.

Now, in 1989 again it made a name change and became the International Cricket Council, which is the present form of ICC.

ICC Headquarters
ICC also changed its headquarters by the time. Its first headquarters was in London, United Kingdom, from 1909 to 2005 and then the organisation changed its Headquarters to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2005 which is still the same.

The organisation of ICC

The formation of ICC and Test Playing Countries

There are now 105 countries of the world as member countries of ICC and are divided as full members, those take place in Test-playing system.

Those countries are only 12 nos. and they have got the recognition of Test-playing member countries by the ICC.
These 105 countries of the world are categorised as Full Members and Affiliated Members.

The Full Members are:-
1) Australia and 2) England from 15th March 1877.
3) South Africa from initiation to May 1961 then came back as a Full member in July 1991.
4) West Indies on 23 June 1928.
5) New Zeeland on 10th January 1930.
6) India has played the first Test Match arranged by ICC (In the national Cricket Conference) on 25 June 1932.
7) Pakistan on 16th October 1952.
8) Sri Lanka from 17th February 1982.
9) Zimbabwe from 18th October 1992.
10) Bangladesh from 10th November 2000.
11) Ireland from 11th May 2018.
12) Afghanistan from 14th June 2018.
Ireland and Afghanistan have been awarded as Test-playing countries recently in an ICC members’ meeting in London,
The UK unanimously.
The full members of ICC are allowed to participate in the tournaments organised by ICC.

Now, the rest 93 countries are Associate Members of ICC. They play the matches among the nationally arranged tournaments.

List of Chairmen of ICC

Since initiation, it was a customer that the president of Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) the UK would automatically hold the post of ICC President. In 2014 the constitution of ICC was broadly changed in a meeting of the board of Directors and the post was renamed as Chairman. The post of Chairman is an honourary post and highly prestigious one.

What is the full form of ICC

The list of Chairmen of ICC

The Board of Directors headed by the former President of BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) Narayanswami Srinivasan took the charge as first Chairman of ICC from 20th July 2014 to 9th November 2015 for 1year 136 days.

After that Shashank Manohar, another BCCI President became the Chairman of ICC from 22nd November 2015 to 30th June 2020 for 4 years 221 days.

He resigned from the post hold, on 30th June 2020. After his resignation, the Deputy Chairman of ICC Imran Khwaja of Singapore ( 1st July 2020 to 23rd November 2020) took the interim charge of ICC Chairman till the upcoming election in November 2020.

Greg Barclay, the Administrator of New Zeeland Cricket Board, was elected as Chairman of ICC and took the charge on 24th November 2020 and continued until now.

ICC organised events and championships

ICC organises the international cricket matches and the events and championships are as follows:-
For men’s:-
1) ICC Cricket World Cup, 2) ICC Men’s T-20 World Cup 3) ICC Men’s Champions Trophy 4) ICC World Test Championship 5) ICC
Under-19 Cricket World Cup 6) ICC Cricket World Cup Super League.
For women’s:-
1) ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2) ICC Women’s T20 World Cup 3) ICC Women’s Championship 4) ICC Women’s Under-19 T20 World Cup.

Rankings awarded by ICC
1) ICC Men’s Player Rankings 2) ICC Women’s Player Rankings 3) ICC Men’sTest Team Rankings 4) ICC Women’s Test Team Rankings 5) ICC Women’s ODI & T20 Rankings.

Now, cricket has gained huge popularity in the world. Particularly, the people of cricket playing countries enjoy cricket so much. Thanks for reading.

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