what is the full form of atm? atm ka full form kya hai?


What is the full form of atm-what is the full form of atm? You must be using an ATM in your daily activities. We must use the ATM for all the work to withdraw money or to whom to send money. atm ka full form kya hai. You can see it everywhere in the marketplace. A card given by bank has been used to withdraw your deposited money from ATM.what is the full form of atm? But do you know what is the full form of atm? But it is important to know what is the full form of atm.

About ATM

This question is often asked in many competitive examinations, due to lack of correct information, many candidates are defeated here and are unable to answer this question. In this post, we will learn about what is the full form of atm And information related to ATMs. Many of us think that ATM full form is Any Time Money but it is not right. Today we will get information about what is the full form of atm.

ATM is known by various names in other parts of the world. In Canada, ATM s are also known as ABM (Automatic Banking Machine). In other countries, the terms Cash Point, Cash Machine, Mini Bank and “Hole in the wall” are used. So today I thought why don’t you know what is the full form of ATM? The correct answer should be told so that you will never be stressed about this question. Then let’s start.

what is the full form of ATM?

ATM stands for automated teller machine.

A- Automated

T- Teller

M- Machine

The function of ATM.


What is the full form of ATM
                                                               ATM Machine


A telecommunications device that is used for financial transactions such as cash withdrawals, deposits, fund transfers and other bank-related transactions at any time. This makes the banking process very easy as these machines are automatic and there is no need to interact directly with the bank employees.

Users access their accounts through a special type of plastic card, encoded with the user’s information on a magnetic strip above the card. The Strip has an Identification Code which is transmitted by the Modem to the Central Computer of the bank. Users access the card to ATM to access their account and process their account transactions.

History of ATM:

ATM was created by John Shepherd Barron, a Scottish citizen. In 1965, One day Barron arrived in a bank to withdraw money but the bank closed due to a one-minute delay. After this John Shepherd Barron thought why not make such a machine whereby 24 hours of money can be withdrawn. With this thought, John Shepherd Barron invented the first ATM machine in approximately 2 years.

The first ATM turned up at a Barclays Bank branch in London in 1967, though there are records of a cash dispenser in Japan in the mid-1960s. The inter-bank transaction allowed a customer to use one bank’s card at another bank’s ATM in the 1970s.
ATM s are spread across the globe in just a few years, establishing a foothold in every major country. They can now be found in small island nations such as Kiribati. Currently, more than 3.5 million ATM s are in operation worldwide.

ATM parts and their functions.

An ATM machine allows people to withdraw money from their bank account. there are two types of devices in it. Input devices and output devices.

In the input devices, it has a card reader, a keypad, a speaker and a screen and in the output devices, it has a cash vending machine and a printer.

Card reader:-

The card reader reads the ATM card. There is a hole in the ATM machine in which people enter their ATM cards. Then the card reader reads the ATM card’s data like card number, bank account number etc.


There is a keypad in the ATM machine. One who withdrawing his money has to enter his PIN number via a keypad. This PIN number may be a 4-digit number or it may be a 6-digit number.


There is a speaker in the ATM. The ATM machine gives instruction in audio to the people who is withdrawing money.


The screen shows the data of a customer after reading the card data. For example account holders name, some direction, some options etc.

Cash vending machine:-

The cash vending machine dispenses the cash.


The printer is also attached to ATM. It prints the receipt of cash.

The ATM machine is connected to the internet. When a person enters his ATM card and enters his PIN into the machine then ATM reads the card data. After reading the ATM detects the person’s bank account and authenticate his withdrawal. Then the cash dispensing machine dispenses the cash. Then printer prints the receipt the withdrawal amount and the account balance.

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