What is PNB full form in banking?


Today we will discuss the PNB full form. We also discuss the history of pnb.

PNB full form.

PNB full form is Punjab National Bank. Punjab National Bank is a multinational bank of the Indian banking sector. It is now a government undertaking bank. PNB has 10910 branches and over 180 million customers. The founders of Punjab National Bank are Dyal Singh Majithia and Lala Lajpat Rai.

PNB history-

PNB is a Delhi based bank established on 31st March 1894. PNB was registered on 19.05.1894. Its first office was in Anarkali Bazar, Lahore. Today in Pakistan. The bank opened on 12 April 1895 in Lahore

In the year 1900 Punjab National Bank established its branch office outside of Lahore.

In 1934 Punjab National Bank agreed to works under the central government of India and was regulated under the reserve bank of India act.

In 1940 PNB acquired Bhagwan Dass Bank. Then 31st March 1947 before partition PNB decided to leave Lahore and transfer its registered office to India in Delhi.

In 1951 Punjab National Bank acquired 39 branches of Bharat Bank.

In 1969 The government of India Nationalized Punjab National Bank and 13 other major banks. In 1978 PNB opened its branch in London.

In 1986 Punjab National Bank acquires Hindustan Commercial Bank and in 1993 it acquires a new bank of India.

In 2004 PNB opened its representative office in London.

Other PNB full form-

Philippine National Bank of Philippines.


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