Do you know ONTD Full Form and what is ONTD?

Today we discuss ONTD full form and what is ONTD?

ONTD full form

ONTD full form is Oh No They Didn’t.

O- Oh

N- No

T- They


ONTD round up

ONTD is a big community in the live journal. There are over 100000 members in this community. This community was created in 2004 by teenagers Erin Lang, Bri Draffen and Breniecia Reuben.

The ontd community is mainly focused on gossips on a blog. Most of the post on ontd aggregated from other gossip blogs.

According to a 2008 pop-matters post, the ONTD blog was getting 300000 page views per day. But it reduced significantly in recent times.

For September 23, 2020, on Wednesday: the ONTD roundup was as:

  • The One Candy That has a Go From This Bag Zach Braff and Others Respond.
  • Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik welcome the baby girl!
  • Celebs Respond to the Verdict of Breonna Taylor
  • Roundup of yesterday
ONTD full form

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