MIS full form in banking in 2021?

MIS full form in banking? Many people do not know mis full form in banking or mis report full form in banking? Today we will know mis full form in banking?It is difficult to understand mis full form in banking for the layman.

MIS full form in banking?

MIS full form in banking? MIS stands for Management Information System. MIS is one type of Information management system which was developed by the IT experts for improving any kind of business and to make improvement in it’s important day to day decision.

This can help to make a decision in any kind of organization by gathering information from multiple online systems. Its the procedure for work is like, it collects information from multiple online systems and then helping a particular organization by giving them that information.

MIS full form in banking is the management information system or management information services.

Management information system, or MIS, broadly refers to a computer-based system that provides managers with the tools to organize, evaluate and efficiently manage departments within an organization.

MIS full form in banking


It’s main components are that type such as:

  • People Those person who use this information.
  • Data That information which was recorded by the people in system.
  • Procedure Those steps which was followed by any organization after analyzing the data.
  • Hardware This includes Server, Networking Equipment, Workstations and Printers like equipment.
  • Software These are those programs which will use to store the data.

Explanation with a example:

Let’s suppose there was a Car Manufacturing Company and the company has staffs that collect data And that data is then used by managers and company owners to make future plans. Company owners make a decision on to manufacture the car in the next 1 or 2 years of what type of cars they have to make and how much quantity of cars MIS database plays an important role in storing a large amount of data.

This type of data may be used for:

  • Making the next salary of employees
  • Hiring the other staff
  • Removing an unwanted staff
Advantage of MIS:
  • This will help to improve the decision.
  • MIS can also help in the competitive gain of the company.
  • Due to the presence of its revenue reports Companies was able to know its strength and weakness. 
  • They will act as an activation and communication tool for the company.
  • Due to the presence of Customer’s Feedback data company will able to decide which type of improvement is required.
  • It also helps in reducing the downtime.
  • With the help of MIS, Company Owner will act quickly in any kind of situation and its internal bonding with their members are also improved.
  • Quality of products also becomes good because all the past experiences and customers responses are noted.
  • Due to MIS, the information which will be sent to the managers was Digital and Well-structured and also available for 24/7.
Disadvantages of MIS:
  • The management information system was very expensive due to this, not every company have the ability to afford this.
  • This will need time to time upgrade and maintenance due to this it requires Extra Fees and Staff.
  • Managers and company owner must have to know the skills of MIS otherwise this will become more complicated for them.
  • If the data which was collected by the company was incorrect or it includes some faults during the uploading time and some data will corrupt then it results in wastage of time and resources and information becomes useless also.
  • It has also a Big Disadvantage which was MIS is operated online and you know very well that for hacking this type of online data was a piece of cake for hackers, and in this data Customer’s personal information like their Address their Bank details such as Credit and Debit Card details and also have a threat for hacking their Email or Password. 
  • Another drawback of MIS is that it focuses on quantitative data and not on qualitative data.
  • Effectiveness is also a problem in this system which means the top management team can be fired at any time and the new team can change company policy that affects overall company decisions and employees interactions.
MIS full form in post office.

In the post office, MIS full form in banking means, the Monthly Income Scheme. In this scheme, the interest is payable monthly to the investor.

In this scheme, an investor deposit a lump sum amount to his/her mis account and in the return post office pay the interest on a monthly basis to the account holder. Except for the post office, almost every bank also have this type of scheme.

MIS in Medical term

In medical term, mis means Minimally Invasive Surgery.
Surgery that is done using small incisions (cuts) and a few stitches. During minimally invasive surgery, one or more small incisions may be made in the body. This type of surgery has been done by inserting a  laparoscope through a small hole in the body.


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