Full form of www and some information about www.

Full form of www
        Full form of www. What is the full form of www? some information about www.  We know some people are aware of it. But many people don’t know about it. we will discuss www today. 
     Do you ever use the internet? Do you ever search for a website on the internet? Do you ever see the sign www anywhere?
     If your answer is yes then you must have a curiosity about the sign www. Well, don’t worry about that. If you do not know about the sign www then read this article.
The full form of www is the world wide web. 
     The world wide web is called the web in short. This is a catalogue of an order in which all websites are connected to the worldwide internet. This is an information system.
     By this system search engines collects the data in hypertext from the internet. Any application or web browser can collect the data, then process it and load the site for a user. It can contain the text, image, and/or video or anything else.

 Www uses these three internet protocols:

                  1.HyperText Transfer Protocol called HTTP in short.
                  2.Uniform resource locator which is called Url in short.
                   3.HyperText Markup Language which is called HTML
Who created the www?
      Tim Berner Lee and his colleagues at CERN developed the www in 1989. This year the HTTP was developed.

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