2 Best full form of ups in computer.

Full form of ups in computer

Full form of ups in computer- Today we discuss the full form of ups in computer. Ups is very essential for our computer system.

Full form of ups in computer or what is the full form of ups?

The full form of ups in computer is uninterruptible power supply or uninterruptible power source.

U- Uninterruptible

P- Power

S- Supply or Source

So far we know the full form of ups in computer. Now we discuss some information about ups. A ups runs on a rechargeable battery. It supplies power when power cut occurs. A ups is not an emergency power system or a standby generator.

Ups helps us to run a computer for some hours after power cut. It helps to save our very important data. Battery is the main factor in order to the how much time we get the power supply.

So when you select the ups you have to know the specification and the battery size of that ups.

There are many ups in the market that provides a particular software that automatically saves your data when turns off your computer.

A ups works as a connector between you main power supply and your computer.

UPS types-

There are two types of ups in the market.

  1. Standby power system or offline ups
  2. Online power system or online ups

Standby power system- This type of ups is called offline ups or line-interactive ups.

In this system the ups to battery power instantly when main power supply has been cut off.

This type of ups mostly used for home computer or office computer.

Online ups system- Online ups system supplies the power from its own inverter. It has two drawbacks, it is expensive and very noisy because it has a cooling fan. This type of ups mainly used in business institutions.

Who invented the ups-

In the year 1934, John J. Hanley has invented the ups system to prohibit the harm of our computer inflicted by the voltage fluctuation or sudden power cut. It protects the loss of your data by a sudden power cut.

Feature of UPS-

  1. Voltage can be easily controlled by the ups.
  2. It stabilized the frequency of power supply.
  3. Anti data loss system protects the data of your computer.

Disadvantages of ups-

A ups is not so reliable. Battery backup maximum 3-4 hours depends upon quality.

The maintenance cost is very high. Especially when battery damaged. The battery of a ups system lasts for 5 to 10 years maximum depends upon quality.

Are ups necessary for you computer?

Yes, of course, ups is must for a computer system. Ups is necessary because a prolonged task can be possible through it and it protects your computer and its data in the situation of power cut. It may be home or any institution ups is required for a computer.

Hope I have cleared your doubt. If any question you have then you can ping me. Thanks for reading this article. Stay safe and take care.

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