Do you know the full form of NCTE? Purpose of NCTE in 2020.

Full form of NCTE


Full form of NCTE- Today we will discuss What is the Full form of NCTE  full form of NCTE, NCTE rights, Purpose of NCTE, NCTE work.

Full form of NCTE

National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE)

The foundation of any country is the education of its citizens. So each country spends a lot of money on education according to its economic status. Education is the fundamental right of human life in India as per the Indian constitution. 

The National Council of Teachers (NCTE) has taken up its responsibility for education in India. From time to time, this Council makes necessary changes to the advice of academics and the guidance of the Government of India.

What is NCTE?

  The NCTE is an overview, known as the National Council of Teachers. The National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) was founded as a statutory body in the year1995 according to the National Teachers’ Council Act 1993 (No 73 of 6).

Prior to 1973, the National Council for Teacher Education had a role as a central and state government advisory body in all matters related to teacher education.

Purpose of NCTE

   The main objective of NCTE is to implement teacher education throughout India in a planned manner and to set issues related to the quality and quality of teacher education

And to apply the criteria set out across the country and to achieve integrated development and review them and recognized by the educational institutions.

NCTE full form-
National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE)

NCTE Rights
    NCTE is empowered to set the standard of education in India, in addition, it sets the standard for appointing teachers, through which qualified teachers can be appointed. Contrary to the NCTE rules, no state can determine its own education system according to its will.

NCTE work

  NCTE recognizes India’s educational institutions. When approving, that educational institution has to meet all the standards and criteria set by the NCTE, only when the NCTE representative examines it and satisfied, then the educational institutions are approved.

Also, the curriculum of the centrally recognized educational institution is decided by the NCTE itself. Indian states may decide the syllabus only by the NCTE guidelines.


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