Full form of NAVIC, some information about NAVIC

Full form of NAVIC,Some information about NAVIC
              Full form of NAVIC What is the full form of NAVIC? Some information about NAVIC. today we discuss the full form of NAVIC.
Navic India’s own navigation system. India is going to provide indigenous GPS facilities to its countrymen soon, which could have been imagined until now.
India was completely dependent on the US for positioning systems until now. Today we are going to give you some information related to this.
Why it was needed and how advanced and powerful it is compared to American GPS.

Full form of NAVIC

Full form of Navigator GPS. The scientific name of India’s indigenous GPS navigator is the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS), which is named Operation Navigator (NAVIC).

Full form of NAVIC is Navigation with Indian Constellation. Sailors in Sanskrit are called NAVIC.

The current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, has named it NAVIC while dedicating it to the fishermen of India.


Full form of NAVIC- India had its first need for indigenous GPS in the year 1999. When the soldiers of Pakistan infiltrated and took possession of the areas around Kargil.

The Indian army raised the Pakistani army to avenge this act. But the biggest challenge in this operation of the Indian Army was to find the location of Pakistani soldiers.

In the days of that difficult situation, the Government of India requested to US Government to find the location with the help of GPS.

But the US refused to help India.

Since then, taking lessons from it, India started working on creating its own indigenous navigation system.

Today India has joined the selected countries of the world which have their own indigenous navigation system.


The navigation system is used to know the information and position of any surrounding area. This facility is used to find the way in mobile and car.

The navigation system that we are using in India is the US GPS or Global Navigation System.

America started work on it in the year 1975, which was prepared by making it the year 1995. Since then, it has been providing this facility of the navigation system.

Countries that do not have their own navigation systems depend on this GPS of the US. Even in India, American GPS was still used for navigation systems.

The navigation systems that India has now built are RPS i.e. Regional Positioning System. Which will not be used by the whole world but India and countries around India.

American GPS has spread a group of 24 satellites to cover the whole world. Whereas, only for India, ISRO has installed 7 satellites for the indigenous navigation system which is covering the area of 1500 km of India.


India will provide navigation facilities with the help of 8 satellites, whose names are as follows.

7. IRNSS-1G.

According to the IRNSS program- ISRO all the satellites of the constellation are configured identically. The configuration of the satellites is with I-1K Bus to be compatible for launch onboard PSLV.

Advantages of Sailor-

By the way, if we talk about the seafarer of India, it has many advantages, not one. Which will not be possible to mention in this post.
But we will tell you its main advantages, which will affect every citizen of India.

1. India will never have to face situations like Kargil now.

2. This navigation system of India is completely indigenous over which only India has the right.

3. With this America’s GPS, we are able to tell the location with many times better accuracy.

4. This RPS can tell the exact location up to 5 meters while the American GPS knew only giving the exact location up to 20 meters.

5. During a natural disaster, India will not have to go to America for help.

6. Being indigenous, it can be used rapidly.

7. This positioning system in India will increase India’s penetration internationally.

8. On military missions, it can be used for the movement of weapons and dropping or navigating missiles.

9. It will also help in tracking the planes.

10. It can be used in any weather and hilly areas.

Which country has the navigation system (COUNTRY WHO HAVE OWN NAVIGATION SYSTEM)

Apart from India, 3 countries America, Russia, China, and the European Union have their own navigation system.

1. America’s GPS (GPS) are
3k to China Beedau (BeiDou)
4k and its European Galileo (Galileo)

The amazing thing is that even after the establishment of China’s Beidou and in Galileo space of Europe, they have not started working yet. While the sailor of India will start working before them.


Navigators can be used in the same way as GPS. By the end of this year, the navigator’s chipset will come into the market.

There are some application of IRNSS is-

  • Terrestrial, Aerial and Marine Navigation
  • Disaster Management
  • Vehicle tracking and fleet management
  • Integration with mobile phones
  • Precise Timing
  • Mapping and Geodetic data capture
  • Terrestrial navigation aid for hikers and travellers
  • Visual and voice navigation for drivers

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