What is the full form of ISRO? Some information about ISRO.

what is the full form of ISRO?

What is the full form of ISRO– I shall tell you what is the full form of ISRO and give you some information about ISRO.

what is the full form of ISRO?

The full form of ISRO is “Indian Space Research Agency”

what is the full form of ISRO-  ISRO is a space research company in India and it was established on August 15, 1969.  ISRO is headquartered in Bengaluru, on which about 3,000 scientists and staff are working.

ISRO’s main task is to provide us with space technology for India.  The main objective of developing Indian passenger vehicles, rockets and satellites.

Some information about ISRO.

K Sivan was the current director of ISRO and the first director was Dr Vikram Sarabhai.  With the help of these two scientists, India is far ahead for space research.

In addition to space research in India, ISRO supports in space research in many other countries.

ISRO released Chandrayaan-3 on October 22, which has led scientists to discover the moon’s atmosphere.

Then on September 27, the ISRO left Mars on the 27th IS, known as the “Mars Orbiter Mission.”  ISRO has been successful in this mission and it was our first mission on the first planet in India.

ISRO has two major rockets with which to launch satellites into space.  These two rockets are named PSLV (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) and GSLV (Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle).

PSLV is used to leave light satellites in space, and GSLVs are used to transmit heavy satellites into space.

A few days ago, on July 22, 2019, ISRO launched Chandrayaan-2 to study the atmosphere and water of the moon.

Chandrayaan-2 was not completely successful because Lander Vikram of Chandrayaan-2 had a bad landing, that is, scientists like Lander wanted a soft landing but it was a bad landing.

  What is the full form of ISRO?

You have gained a lot of information about ISRO, but it is very important for you to know the full extent of ISRO.

The full extent of ISRO is “Indian Space Research Organization ”

I – Indian

S – Space

R – Research

O – Organization

You know what the full form of ISRO is in English, but some people don’t understand the meaning of the word, so they want to know what the full name of ISRO is.

Information about Chandrayaan-2

  ISRO is one of the largest aerospace companies in the world and ISRO has sent 12 satellites to India so far, but these include 12 satellites, Chandrayaan-2, and 266 satellites have been sent to space for other countries.

While this work is not done in other countries, ISRO has made a lot of money from other countries.

Israel scientists are very knowledgeable from scientists in other countries because they spend very little money and launch aerospace programs.

When ISRO launched Chandrayaan-2 last year, it only cost Rs 978 crores.  If this mission is done by another country, it will cost a lot of money.

  History of ISRO

Indian space program started by Vikram Sarabhai.  Thus, he is called the originator of the Indian space program.

Dr Sarabhai, as Director of the Physical Research Laboratory in Ahmedabad, formed a team to conduct the Indian space program, featuring all the qualified and best scientists, human scientists, and social scientists in the country.

Isro is controlled by the Space Department.  In 1979, ISRO was able to create satellites for India’s space only.

In the past, ISRO had to seek the help of other countries to release satellites into space, but in the 5th, San Isro launched its own satellite into space.

ISRO launched Mars on November 27, and on September 27, it successfully reached 6605 million kilometres on Mars and was the first mission of ISRO on the planet.

For the first time on this mission, ISRO has reached India, the first country in the world, leaving Mars on Mars.

  ISRO success story

ISRO has undertaken many space program missions and some of these missions have not been successful, but ISRO has been successful in most missions.

Some of the most successful ISRO missions are very famous, which I will tell you below.

3. Chandrayaan-2: ISRO launches Chandrayaan-2 on July 22, 2019, which was the largest space mission in ISRO.  In this mission, ISRO used its rocket GSLV to send Chandrayaan-2 to the moon.

The mission of Chandrayaan-2 was completely successful, but Chandrayaan-2 was not able to land properly when it landed on the moon, which resulted in a slight decline in the success of Chandrayaan-2.

2.  Aryabutt Satellite: In 1979 ISRO first launched the Aryabutt satellite into space.  At that time, Israel did not have its own rocket, which led to the termination of the Soviet-Russian mission.

4. Chandrayaan-1: At 27, Isro sent Chandrayaan-1 to space to learn about the water and environment of the moon.  With the help of this mission, ISRO was able to tell the world about the water and environment of the moon

৪.  Mangalyan: I already told you about this mission.  ISRO has ranked India as the first country in the mission of Mangalyaan, which successfully placed vehicles on Tuesday in a previous attempt.

No other country in the world has reached Mars, except the spacecraft of India, ISRO, NASA, Europe, and Russia.

৫.  Bahubali Rocket, GSLV: ISRO sends the GSLV, the most powerful rocket for aerospace research, and successfully sends it into space.

This rocket is designed to send satellites into space.  Chandrayaan-2 was also sent to the moon with the help of this GSLV.

So, guys, I told you that the full form of Isro Ka Kya Hai and lots of information about ISRO that was very important for you to know.

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