What is the 5 best full form of DCP

Full form of DCP- Today we will discuss the full form of dcp. It is a post in the Indian police department.

Full form of dcp

Full form of dcp is Deputy Commissioner of Police. DCP means Deputy Commissioner of Police. Deputy Commissioner of Police is an administrative post which is the second-largest post in a district’s police department after the commissioner. In metro cities or districts have a commissioner post. The post of DCP is equivalent to SP (Superintendent of Police) in those cities. Small districts or cities do not have the post of DCP, in these districts, there is the post of SP who heads the police force there.

Only officers of the Indian Police Service (IPS) or State Police Service (RPS) are selected by promotion to the post of DCP. The DCP officer has 1-star badge under the Ashoka Pillar on his/her uniform. This is the identification of a dcp ranked officer.

Full form of DCP

How to become a DCP? What is the DCP selection process?

Only Indian Police Service (IPS) and state-specific police service officers are elected to the post of deputy commissioner. To become a DCP, first, we have to choose the police cadre by passing the exam of UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) or State PSC.

Generally, IPS officers are appointed to DCP post after 4-5 years of experience. DSP rank officers promoted from the State Police Service are considered eligible for appointment to the post of DCP after serving for 14 years.

Dcp full form in chemistry

DCP Full Form is Dry Chemical Powder Is a kind of mixture of a few chemical compounds in powder form. This powder is consist of finely ground solid chemicals. Solid chemicals are like ammonium sulphate and the active ingredient mono-ammonium phosphate (MAP).

Dcp full form in medical

DCP full form in medical is Diploma in Clinical Pathology. It is a medical field diploma course.


Other full forms of dcp-

Device control protocol

Data collection platform

Digital cinema package

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