What is the full form of computer in English?

Full form of computer in English? Many people search this keyword in google. If I want to tell you the full form of computer in English then I have to tell some details about the computer and its types. Do people also ask what is a full form of computer in English? Or computer ka full form kya hai?

Full form of computer in english– Today in this article I will tell you full form of computer in english.

What is the full form of computer in English?

What is the full form of computer? The full form of computer is Commonly Operated Machine Particularly Used for Technology Education and Research.

C- Commonly
O- Operated
M- Machine
P- Particularly
U- Used for
T- Technology
E-Education and
R- Research.

What is computer?


Once upon a time when the computer is not invented, the word computer meant a person who computes is called the computer. But now a computer means an automated machine which computes is called a computer.
A computer is a device that accepts information in forms of computer language and process it for some results and gives the output.
There are a hardware and software which process the data.
Major types of computer:
Analog computer- this type of computer represents the output data by measurable quantities.
Desktop computer- A computer which fits on a computer table or desk. It is not portable. It often uses for personal or in office or gaming.
Laptop- It is also a small computer. It is compact and portable in size. It is smaller than a briefcase.it can also function as a desktop. It can be used anywhere anytime.
Mainframe- It is a large computer centralized computer which is used for large scale computing.
Microcomputer- Generally it is used as a pc, I mean personal computer. It runs on a single integrated chip(IC).
Notebook- It is a smaller type of laptop. It is less powerful than a laptop.
Supercomputer- Supercomputer is a high power computer that operates in super speed. It can do multitask at a time.
Smartphone- It is used as a cellular telephone. It is also a small computer. It is integrated with a touch screen.
Tablet computer- This type of computer is larger than a smartphone and used as a PC. It also has a touch screen.
workstation- It is an equipment designed for a single user, to do a specialized technical job.
Who invented the computer?
According to BBVA Openmind Charles Babbage invented the computer. Before Babbage the computers were human.
The computer was a name given to those who do the numerical calculation at that time. Charles Babbage replaces a human computer with a machine.
In 1872, one year after Charles Babbage death William Thomson(Lord Kelvin) invented the machine capable of performing complex calculations. It is considered the first analogue computer.

full form of computer in English

Parts of computer-

There are five different parts of a computer.
A CPU- Central Processing unit. It contains a motherboard, a processor, a graphics processing unit ( GPU), Random Access Memory (RAM), A sound card and storage SSD or HDD.
A monitor- T visualise things.
A keyboard- To give the input.
A mouse- It is also an input device.
A speaker- For sound.
full form of computer in English
Generations of computer-
First-generation computer- Between 1940 to 1956. Vacuum tubes are used in it.
Second-generation computer- Between 1956 to 1963. Transistors are used in it.
Third generation computer- Between 1964 to 1971. IC used in it
Fourth-generation computer- Between 1972 to the present time. Microprocessors are used in it.
Fifth-generation computer- From present to beyond. AI is used in it.
I think I have cleared your doubt. I hope you have enjoyed this article. If you have any questions please ping me. I will try to answer you. Thanks for reading this article. Stay safe.

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