Full form of computer virus and some information in 2020.

Full form of computer virus-When a virus attacks a human body, the human body feels sickness. But what a computer virus do? Before that, we have to know the full form of computer virus. what is the full form of computer virus?

Full form of computer virus?

The full form of virus in computer is VITAL INFORMATION RESOURCES UNDER SEIZE.

V stands for vital.

I stands for Information.

R stands for Resources.

U stands for Under.

S stands for Seize.

I hope I have cleared the doubt about the full form of computer virus. Now we know the definition of computer virus.

full form of computer virus

What is the definition of a virus on the computer?

     The software in a computer which is maliciously called a virus. It comes to any computer without any knowledge of the user and does the malicious actions.

This is a term that is used in computers and it was used first by Fred Cohen in 1983. A computer virus is never made naturally. Every virus has been created by people. After creation, it has been triggered. Then it has been diffused in an uncontrolled way. it has been designed to replicate many many times itself.

How viruses spread in full form of virus in computer?

   A virus attacks the programme files of a computer. I want to tell here that all computer viruses are not destructive. But every computer virus performs malicious work. Some computer viruses are designed to size of the computer files not to destroy. Do you know how they spread? They spread through programme files via the internet. In 2013 the botnet virus was discovered to use peer-to-peer downloading sites to distribute ransomware. That ransomware commits banking fraud. 

   Any virus spread through internet activities, downloading and sharing music files, video files and other programme files. It also spread through visiting an infected site.

   It also spread by opening a spam email and an attached file with the email. Downloading free games, cracked software or downloading application from an unauthorised source.

what viruses do?

There are so many things that can happen when your device infected by a virus. The virus may harm your device, they may size or delete your important files from your computer. They can steal your banking details. The virus may affect any drive of your computer and slowing your device. It is impossible to do any internet activities. 

Full form of computer virus

Types of viruses. 

     There so many types of viruses.

1. Boot Sector Virus- it affects the computer boot records. It is hard to remove the virus from the computer. Most of the time the computer has to formated.

2. Direct action virus- This is also known as a non-resident virus. It stays hidden in the system.

3.Resident virus- It is hard to detect the resident virus. It is installed with the system. You can’t remove this type of virus from your computer.

4. Maltipartile virus- This types of virus spread in various ways. 

5. Overwrite virus- These types of virus overwrite or delete files.

6.polymorphic virus- Cybercriminals uses the polymorphic virus. It is a malware which has the ability to mutate without out changing basic functions. An antivirus which is normally used can’t detect the polymorphic virus.

7. Rootkit virus – This is also a malware which secretly installs illegal software on a computer. then the attackers take the full control of that system. After installation, the attackers get the full control of the system. Then they can change or completely disable the system. any normal antivirus can’t detect the virus. it has designed to bypass the antivirus.

8. File Infector Virus- the file infector virus comes attached with programme files. They infect the files like .com, .exe etc.

9. Macro virus- this type of virus targets the language commands of Microsoft word in the application. 

Signs of virus infection in your computer-

1. Slower performance.

2. Multiplying or deleting the files.

3. Unknown programme running. 

4.Controllessness of the system.

5.files or programme not opening.

So I hope you are now aware of the virus of a computer. Be aware of viruses install antivirus. and run the system virus scanner at least 2 times in a weak. Delete temporary files. Run the disk cleaner. If you have any doubt about your system then press f8 and select the safe mode with networking. I hope you have enjoyed the article. If you think it is helpful then share it to your friend. Thank you for reading. 

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