12 Durga Puja in New York USA.


12 Durga Puja in New York USA.


12 Durga Puja in New York USA.- Durga Puja of west Bengal, India is UNESCO World Heritage now.

West Bengal’s iconic festival Durga Puja is of great significance to India’s cultural heritage. Acknowledging the same, UNESCO on Wednesday announced that the Indian festival has now been included in their World Heritage List. Durga Puja has now been named in the UN body’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

For Bengalis, Durga Puja is synonymous with all these and more. It is the most awaited festivity of the year that goes far beyond being just a religious carnival. Snowy cotton candy clouds floating in the clear azure sky of autumn, kaash phool swaying in the breeze on acres and acres of field, the pujo-pujo feel in the air.


12 Durga Puja in New York USA.


It is that time of the year you can go gaga over puja fashion, have that extra plate of chat, biriyani, or gulp down a couple more phuchka while pandal hopping. No matter which corner of the world you are in, it is time to come back home to your family and catch up with your childhood friends over ‘pujor adda‘. And if you are lucky, maybe you’ll meet that special one at ‘pujor mondop’ as well?!


Durga Puja or Durgotsav brings together people from all castes, creeds, religions, and walks of life in a unanimous celebration of togetherness under Goddess Durga’s blessings, making it one of India’s grandest festivals.


Check out all details about Durga Puja 2022, dates, celebrations, significance, and the latest guidelines for celebrating puja with precautions.


12 Durga Puja in New York USA.


Durga Puja 2022 dates

Durga Puja is a 10-day festival altogether. However, most of the significant celebrations take place in the last five days, starting from Maha Shashti.12 Durga Puja in New York USA.


Mahalaya – 25th September.

12 Durga Puja in New York
Durga Pratima


12 Durga Puja in New York USA.


Durga Puja dates in USA.

Maha Shashti – 1st October

The sixth day or Shashti is when the deity is unveiled in front of the public. Prayers and rituals are observed such as dhaks (a kind of drum) playing by the dhakis, with one of the prime events of the day being Mahisasur Mardini, a theatrical enactment with songs and plays of Goddess Durga vanquishing the evil.


Maha Saptami – 2nd October

The seventh day or Maha Saptami constitutes the ceremonial bath of the banana tree (also called Kola Bou for the occasion), draped in a red-bordered sari, and placing her beside the idol of Ganesha.


Maha Ashtami – 3rd October

On the eighth day of Maha Ashtami, it is believed that Goddess Durga defeated Mahisasur. All devotees start off the day with Pushpanjali (flower offerings) in the morning, and then in the afternoon, feasts are organized. Khichdi (a dish of rice and lentils cooked together), curries, and other delicacies are served to all.


Maha Navami – 4th October

The culmination of Sandhi Puja announces the start of Navami. Large throngs of people gather to witness the Maha Aarti. Consequently, lots of puja committees also organize Dhunuchi (incense burner) dance competitions on the evening of Navami.

Maha Dashami – 5th October

Dashami is the day of bidding goodbye to the Goddess and awaiting her arrival once again the next year. Before the idol immersion or visarjan, women smear each other with red colors (the event is known as sindur khela), and the idols are carried out in a procession with music playing, dhaks beating, and people dancing to the beats.


The idols are then immersed in the holy Ganges as fireworks and crackers burst. People exchange greetings and wish each other prosperity on this day. They carry sweets for their friends and family while the children of the house seek the blessings of the elder.

12 Durga Puja in New York USA.

1. East Coast Durga Puja Association Queens, New York

ECDPA was the first organizer of Durga Puja in New York, established in 1970. It’s a non-profit organization located in the borough of Queens. It aims to promote Bengali and Indian traditions in the U.S. Initially, it involved only about 100-200 Bengali inhabitants. The number has now crossed a few thousand, including Indian and Bangladeshi Bengalis.


From Ashtami Anjali to Kumari puja, all the rituals and customs are done in an authentic Bengali way. The members and visitors get involved in the festivities for three consecutive days. Dinner arrangements in the form of Bhog are made for all three days. Cultural events are prepared. Performances by artists entertain the crowd in the evening.

Address: 1616 Hillside Avenue, New Hyde Park, New York

Date: 7th-8th October 2022


2. Sanskriti Durga Puja, Buffalo, New York

Sanskriti is a non-profit cultural association propagating Bengali culture through numerous events. The inception of this organization was through Saraswati Puja in 1974-75, up until 1985. This USA club was only involved in strengthening the community and organizing smaller events.

The first major event was the celebration of Durga Puja in 1986. With it, they also started a yearly magazine named Pratibha. Sanskriti Buffalo organizes many events every year like Saraswati Puja, Winter Picnic, Basanta Utsav, Summer Picnic, Durga puja, Bijoya Sammelani, Lakshmi Puja, and Annual Dinner (for members). The organization mainly aims to instill Indian culture and heritage within the Indians living far from their homeland.


This NY Durga Puja celebration is accompanied by many cultural events spread across all three days. In the Bijoya Sammilani, an evening filled with dances and songs to celebrate the aftermath of the festivities. Indian artists have graced their stages like Bhupen Hazarika, Purna Das Baul, and many more.

Durga Puja Dates: 7th- 9th October 2022

Address: HCS Big Hall, 1595 N French Rd, Getzville, NY 14068


3. New York Kali Mandir Durga Puja Baldwin, New York

New York Kali Mandir is a Hindu religious establishment working as a non-profit organization in Baldwin, New York City. It was initially a Goddess Kali temple on the impression of the Dakshineswar Kali Temple of Kolkata. Soon after, idols of other Hindu Gods and Goddesses were also established.

The association follows the traditional way of Durga Puja. Kali Mandir opens gates for visitors from Sashthi, and the worship continues for five days.


Address: 614 Seaman Ave, Baldwin, NY, 11510

Durga Puja Dates: 1st- 4th October 2022


4. Bangladesh Hindu Mandir Flushing, Durga Puja in New York

The Mandir is at Elmhurst, Queens, Founded and run by the Bangladeshi Hindus. The vast Temple of 9,000 sq. ft is a beautiful architectural sight to see. It’s even furnished with a centralized sound system where the mantras echo.


To promote the Hindu culture among the children, the organization also takes weekly Sunday classes within its premises. The Mandir is open everyday from 9:00am – 1:00pm and 4:00pm – 8:00pm.


Prasad or Bhog is served to all in attendance. Cultural programs are also organized for evenings. Members along with local artists take part in the event.

Bangladesh Hindu Mandir, Inc.

Address: 94-39 44th Avenue Elmhurst, NY 11373

Durga Puja Dates: 1st- 4th October 2022


5. New York Sarbojonin Durga Puja Committee, Franklin Square

The organization was founded in 1984 by ten Bengali families who settled in the U.S. The founder members envisioned spreading Indian values and traditions to their children and the forthcoming generations. The organization is also known as NYSDPC (New York Sarbojanin Durga Puja Committee).


The Puja is like an occasional gathering at someone’s house. Now the audience has vastly grown. It’s no longer confined to someone’s home but still carries the homely vibe. They invite both Indian and American artists for their evening cultural programs.


Address: VFW HALL, Franklin Square, NY

Durga Puja Dates: 1st- 2nd October 2022


6. Bangladesh Puja Samiti, Sunnyside, New York

Bangladesh Puja Samiti is a non-profit organization based in Sunnyside, New York. A group of Bangladeshi immigrants formed this Hindu religious association in 1989. They aim to celebrate Hindu culture and propagate it among the Hindus settled in the country.


Their Durga Puja celebrations include delicious food and cultural events similar to Durga puja in Mumbai. The members take part in all the rituals and customs. Apart from professional artists, we can also observe performances from the community.


Address: Gujarati Samaj, 17315 Horace Harding Expy, Queens, NY 11365

Durga Puja Dates: 5th- 9th October 2022


7. Vedanta Society of New York – Belur Math

Celebrations at Vedanta Society differ from any other Hindu organization in New York. It’s the very first Vedanta Society established by the great Swami Vivekananda. Currently, it’s affiliated with the Ramakrishna Math of India.

Durga Puja is celebrated according to the Ramakrishna Mission’s customs and is devoid of celebratory affairs or cultural events. The place is peaceful and has a serene atmosphere. It’s an ideal place for praying. Devotees often mused about the sense of complacency they received from this place.


Address: 34 West 71st Street, New York, NY 10023, USA

Durga Puja Dates: 2nd October 2022


8. Jamaica Kali Mandir NJ

Jamaica Kali Mandir established a relatively newer organization in 2010 to fulfill Hindus’ religious needs in New York. The Temple is open every day for devotees. Like London Durga puja, they organize almost all types of popular Hindu festivals.


Regular pujas are held daily and monthly functions that celebrate the major Hindu festivals. Their ultimate mission is to make the newer generations aware of their culture.


The Durga Puja celebrations have been done here since the beginning. Cultural performances are organized during the three main days of Saptami, Ashtami, and Nabami. Musical guests, both local and Indian, put on outstanding performances to entertain members and visitors. Bhog is distributed in the afternoon and the evening. All the rituals are performed correctly.


Address: 88 – 18 Burdette Place, Jamaica, New York 11432

Durga Puja Dates:


9. Om Shakti Mandir Woodside New York

The Om Shakti temple is everything in one place. Deities of almost all Hindu gods are established here. Regular Puja is done for all. It’s a non-profit organization.


Besides praying, philosophical discussions about Hinduism and religious text reading are organized. People from all faiths are welcome to volunteer or learn about Hinduism in the Temple. Temple is open Sunday to Friday – from 9 am to 1 pm & 5 pm to 9 pm, and Saturday- from 9 am to 11 pm.


Community members enthusiastically participate in the Durga puja and celebrate the five days of Puja as one big family. The women coordinate their outfit colors as if signifying a team.


Cultural evenings showcase the singing and dancing talents of the associates. The organizers serve lunch and dinner.


Address: 40 – 23, 72 Street, Woodside, Celler Level NY US 11377


10. Shri Maha Kali Devi Mandir New York

This Temple was established in 1998 in Brooklyn, New York. The main deity here is Goddess Kali. Other deities worshipped are Kal Bhairava, Suryanarayana, Bhumidevi, Durga, Ganga, Hanuman, Krishna, Lakshmi, Ram, Saraswati, Shiva, Sita, Snake Worship, Ganapati, etc. The Temple opens all day for visitors.


Along with daily worship, the days of Durga Puja are mainly celebrated. People from the nearby community gather to show devotion to the Goddess during this special occasion.


Address: 170 Van Siclen Ave Brooklyn, NY, US 11207



11. The Hindu Temple Society of North America

The Hindu Temple Society of North America is a religious non-profit institution established on January 26, 1977. It’s the very first traditional Hindu Temple functioning in the USA.


The popular name is Ganesh Temple of Flushing, as Lord Ganesha is the principal deity here. At present, almost all major Hindu deities are worshipped. The temple community also holds classes to teach religious texts like Bhagavad Gita.


The whole Temple has a clean and peaceful atmosphere and is open daily. The restaurant downstairs provides authentic South Indian delicacies.


Address: 45 – 57 Bowne St, Queens, New York US 11355

Durga Puja Dates: 2nd- 3rd October 2022

Hindu Temple Buffalo united states Durga puja

Hindu Temple, Buffalo, NY


12. Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Center of New York

The Ramakrishna Vivekananda Center of New York was established in 1933 by Swami Nikhilananda. It’s a branch of the Ramakrishna Mission of India.


The center maintains a temple in Manhattan (New York, NY) and a summer cottage at Thousand Island Park, New York, where Swami Vivekananda once resided. It’s based on the teachings of the Vedanta System, formulated principally by Sri Ramakrishna.


The spiritual head of this place is known as a Swami. They organize various festivals following the guide of the Ramakrishna mission. Every year Durga Puja is celebrated in the same manner.


Address: 17 E 94th St, New York, NY 10128, United States.

Durga Puja Dates: 2nd October 2022.

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